Internet Resources for Searchers

compiled by Damsel Plum, updated & link-checked 11/12/2006 by Petra B.

*General Resources*

The Adoption Ring: Over 450 select linked public interest websites dedicated to adoption.

WWW Library of Adoptee-Related Sites -
Resources for searching, reconnection, International, Transracial, Late-Discovery, abused, and other special-case adoption circumstances. Includes links to stories, art, poetry, legal and activism resources.

Sunflower Birthmoms site has lots of resources for birthmothers, including a large email list.

Everyone new to searching, or stuck on what to do next, should read Shea's 6 part Search Series, available at

Free Internet search resource emails. For adoptees, email For birthfamily, email

Bastard Nation Search page: Includes links for searchers and non-searchers alike. Focus on self-empowered search and the full range of reconnection possibilities. Links to legal resources, humor and more.

CANAdopt -
Canadian-based online adoption search community

Bastard Nation at Your adoptee center for amusement, education, and outrage.

U.S Adoption Law Materials from Cornell University at

*Search books and Reviews*

Bastard Nation Adoption Search Books: Book Room:

* Reunion Registries *

ISRR: International Soundex Reunion Registry - The largest and oldest free mutual consent reunion registry. You can print the registry form from the site. Free. RegDay ( is an annual public awareness event for adoption reconnection issues that supports ISRR.

Kindred Pursuits - CANAdopt's free online registry for Canadian and U.S. searches.

CARE - Coalition for Adoption Registry Ethics - Lists free online registries that adhere to strict ethical standards

SOAR - Safe Online Adoption Registries - Lists free online registries with slightly less stringent application guidelines than CARE.

*Support groups by state*

Some people enjoy the face-to-face personal support of other triad members when searching and dealing with "reunion" issues.

If you are in Northern California, first visit PACER In Sacramento, California, visit PACER in Sacramento at

To find an adoption support group near you, try the following urls:
If you cannot find anything near you, try looking in your local yellow pages under adoption.

*Adoption records access laws by state or locale*

To find out about the laws and specific information for searching in your state or province visit the following websites and click on your state or province for details. Print out and save or take notes!
In the USA:
Bastard Nation -
Adoption Triad -
In Canada:
Bastard Nation -;
Canadopt -

*Vital statistics, phone directories, miscellaneous records*

The Vital Records State Index offers all US state and county vital records prices, polices, and much more:

Family Tree Maker offers a listing of all US vital records address, policies, and prices, indexed by state at

Social Security Death Index - Free U.S. death index search to find out if someone is still alive, where their SS number was issued and their last known address.'s Records Search - Includes vital recs, military, church, court records and more.

Switchboard - Find people in the U.S. online by name, location, phone.

International Phone directories -

The Church of Latter Day Saints has a number of Family History Centers throughout the world that might have information you can use to find your birth relatives. A listing of all FHC's in the U.S and Canada is available at

Canada411 phone directory at covers all provinces except Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The Ultimate White Pages at a good resource for finding online directories and also offers reverse lookup resources.

*Military and personnel records*

Military City at offers a searchable database of active duty, reserves, and some deceased U.S. military men and women.

Database of Vietnam War Casualties by State and City or Town at

The National Archives of Canada at holds the personnel files of over 5,500,000 former military and civilian employees of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Federal Public Service.

*Reunion Related Websites*

All Sides of Reunion are represented at the Bastard Nation Reconnection site ( This includes preparation for reconnection, rejection, unpleasant reunions, as well as links to positive ones. Being prepared for all eventualities is the best policy.

*National Organizations*

Bastard Nation at The fastest-growing adoptee activist group in the world.

Concerned United Birthparents at Organization advocating for birthparents who lost children to adoption.

The Volunteer Search Network at is a loosely run group of volunteers who can provide legwork and other search help at no or low-cost.

* Interactive/Chat *'s Adoption Site - Includes excellent list of resources for adult adoptees, as well as live chat and forums.

Heart of Triad - Email list for all triad members with focus on search and reconnection

The Sunflower List for Birthmothers. Email Alana at to ask to join. Information at

Birthfathers An email list for birthfathers. Email and ask to join or visit the website and subscribe from there.

*California Links* The homepage for those interested in the effort to restore adult adoptee rights in the state of California and beyond. The mailing list: A meeting place for anyone who supports unconditional access to birth records for adults who were adopted as children (adult adoptees).

PACER: Post-Adoption Center for Education and Research. PACER runs search and support groups and events throughout Northern California. PACER in Sacramento:

California Birth Index - If you were born in California, you may be able to figure out your birthname and your birthmother's maiden name here. Free. Where it says Births 1905 - 1995 all searchers may enter here, click on the word "here". Once on the next page, click on "Begin Search/Reset" at the bottom of the page.

California Vital Records: Links to a variety of free, public domain resources in California.

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